Thursday, February 10, 2011

Interview with Ryron Gracie about the Gracie Diet

We recently had Ryron Gracie do a seminar for us at our Jiu-Jitsu academy. Since I am a big proponent about the Gracie Diet, I used that as an opportunity to ask him about its history, what its central ideas area, and what was it like being a kid growing up with it.

More information about the Gracie Diet, including the book written by Rorion Gracie that can get you started with the theories behind it, some recipes, and whats safe to order when your out and about at restaurants, can be found on the Gracie Diet website.

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  1. Hello! I read that you follow the Gracie Diet and also did insanity and P90x. I'm starting Insanity again and also doing the Gracie Diet, I was wondering how that worked out for you? Where the combinations enough to keep you going? How about protein levels, did you add more nuts or cottage cheese? I wan't to stick to the diet but dont want to loose muscle mass with the workouts. I'm also planning on working out right after waking up, around 5 am? any ideas? I appreciate any tips you might have!